Dishonesty will enhance your academic career

By Charlotte Wien and Kjeld Møller Pedersen

A counting-weighing regime has been established at the universities. It almost encourages ethically questionable optimization strategies for researchers, it undermines the integrity of research, and it is taking place increasingly. We hope that this heralds a much needed paradigm shift in academia. A shift where the overly simplified quantitative methods used for calculating the quantity and quality of research which has gained more and more momentum in the academic world over the last 15-20 years are abandoned. Because it remains a fact that the value of a researcher cannot be measured solely on the number of publications and citations. They are a proxy for the attention that the researcher has attracted, but not more than that. The only thing that really gives a researcher genuine and true value is the quality of his work, that is, whether he is capable of producing groundbreaking new mindset that has the potential to change the world. And it cannot be measured by brain-dead count of publications and citations.

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