Old Book Covers and their Stories: The medieval parchments on two Tycho Brahe First-Editions

By Jakob Povl Holck og Steffen Hope

The authors of the article analyze two medieval manuscript fragments, attached to the binding of Tycho Brahe’s Epistolarum astronomicarum libri (1596, Rara L 31, University Library of Southern Denmark) and De nova stella (1573, J.1, Karen Brahes Bibliotek, Roskilde Kloster/Roskilde Bibliotekerne) respectively. The texts are considered as part of a special liturgical context. In addition, eye-catching philological issues are addressed. Especially, the provenance of the manuscripts is discussed, and a possible relative dating to c. 1250-1350 (Rara L 31) and 12th century (J.1) is pondered upon.

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