Same-same… but different…

By Charlotte Wien

Are you in the mood for procrastinating and in need for some publications for your CV? Then we have a – not very recommendable – but easy and quick recipe.
Visit the following website – also called SciGen: The Random Scientific Paper Generator. Enter your name and press the Generate a Random Paper button. Less than five seconds later, you will be asked if you want to download your new “scientific” article. If you download the article, you will find that it looks real on the surface but consists of complete nonsens. Such an article should not be considered as having any chance of getting published in a scientific journal, but if you are willing to pay $ 400-500, there are thousands of journals that claim to be scientific and claim to carry out peer review and promise to publish your article in less than a week.
These are the so-called predator journals or Predatory Journals.

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