The sharing authorships for mutual benefit comes at a price

By Charlotte Wien

Not long ago, the journal ‘Nature’ claimed that a new world record regarding the number of authors of one scientific article. The old record was about 3000 authors, but a recently published article had 5154. This was the culmination of a development that has been going on for the past 100 years, but since the 1990s it has accelerated, and there has been an explosive increase in the number of authors, especially the science, science and health sciences. [In Danish] … Continue reading Continue reading

Maintaining one’s​ balance in a world of scientific openness

By Charlotte Wien & Bertil F. Dorch

The lack of 'openness' in research is a central theme in almost any discussion about research dissemination. Openness is something most people dealing with research is in favor of call on others to take care of. For those who speak is rarely the researchers themselves, but others stakeholders, such as the research libraries, software manufacturers who want to sell technical solutions, networkers who want to create infrastructure or university administrators, , That will increase the research visibility and accessibility.[In Danish] … Continue reading Continue reading

One library to rule them all?

By Charlotte Wien & Christian Elmelund-Præstekær

OPINION. A newly appointed working group is going to look into potential advantages of merging some of the large research libraries in Denmark. A professor and an SDU head of department are skeptical. Why is the Ministry of Culture dominating a working group that deals with research libraries? [In Danish] … Continue reading Continue reading

We are not a pastoral care room

By Charlotte Wien

Libraries: Last week’s announcement from CEPOS about the role of libraries in maintaining unemployed in unemployment was received with a chilling wonder at my workplace, University of Southern Denmark. But you have to grab your own well and ask: Has the library itself has been good enough to inform the public what the modern library does and what tasks it solves and for who? [In Danish] … Continue reading Continue reading