Barriers to a smooth doctoral journey and development of a library-based café service

By Lone Bredahl Jensen, Katrine Astrup Jacobsen og Kamilla Jensen Husen

Obtaining a PhD degree is a precondition for a scientific career. The journey towards the PhD degree can be both lonesome and full of obstacles and may lead to drop out, regardless of the PhD students’ scientific potential. This article communicates a project undertaken by University Library of Southern Denmark to litmus test the idea of a social service offered to PhD students by the university library, and to generate substantial ideas for specific contents of this service. … Continue reading Continue reading

I Am Music Lover

By Anne Helle Jespersen

International conferences form an essential part of IAML’s (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres) activities. They take place annually, each year in a different country. Here, you can read a personal report from the 2018 IAML Congress, which was held 22-27 July in Leipzig, Germany. [In Danish] … Continue reading Continue reading

The application of bibliometric analysis: disciplinary and user aspect

By Ole Ellegaard

Bibliometric analysis (BA) has been used increasingly as a tool within the scientific community. Interplay is vital between those involved in refining bibliometric methods and the recipients of this type of analysis. Production as well as citations patterns reflect working methodologies in different disciplines within the specialized Library and Information Science (LIS) field, as well as in the non-specialist (non-LIS) professional field. We extract the literature on bibliometric analyses from Web of Science (WoS) in all fields of science and analyze clustering of co-occurring keywords at an aggregate level. It reveals areas of interconnected literature with different impact on the LIS and the non-LIS community. … Continue reading Continue reading

Research integrity among PhD students within clinical research at the University of Southern Denmark

By Lone Bredahl, Kirsten Ohm Kyvik, Rikke Leth-Larsen, Mette Brandt Eriksen

Responsible conduct of research is the basis for the credibility of all research. Sometimes, however, research is carried out in a sloppy or even fraudulent way. We undertook a survey of knowledge, attitudes, and experiences with research misconduct among PhD students in clinical research. Research misconduct was defined as fabrication, falsification or plagiarism, committed willfully or grossly negligently in the planning, performing or reporting of the research. … Continue reading Continue reading

Highlights from REN RESEARCH

By Lotte Thing Rasmussen

The differences and similarities in research viewed from a journalistic and librarian angle. That was the main topic at the conference “REN Research – Nordic Researchconference 2017” in Oslo were three board members from Mediegruppen Danmark. The conference also included many relevant search tips as well as an insight in the very different ways metadata is handled in different Nordic media companies. … Continue reading Continue reading

The book collection of former rector Mogens Brøndsted in SDU Library: the works of Thorkild Bjørnvig

By Kamilla Husen Jensen

In 2015, the University Library of Southern Denmark was gifted the private library of the university’s first rector and professor in Danish literature, Mogens Brøndsted (1918-2006).The collection contains approximately 4000 volumes, many of which include a dedication to Brøndsted. These two articles deal with the dedications found in the poetry collections of the Danish writer Thorkild Bjørnvig (1918-2004)[In danish] … Continue reading Continue reading